Creating our first Mixed Reality scene

HoloLens works seamlessly with Unity. With minimal changes to the camera, we can quickly design, build, and deploy MR applications; we'll build one right now (albeit a very simple one).

Select the Main Camera in the Scene1 window of the Hierarchy panel and make the following changes in the Inspector panel:

  1. Set the Position of X as 0, Y as 0, and Z as 0.

  2. Select Solid Color for the Clear Flags field and set the Background color to black; black renders as transparent in HoloLens.
  3. Set the Clipping Planes | Near as 0.85 and Far as 10. Here, the value of 0.85 is a recommendation from Microsoft as spatial mapping is currently effective between the range of 0.85 meters and 4 meters, where 1 unit in Unity ...

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