16 Case Study 2 An Equipment Financing Company Becomes a Digital David and Conquers the Industry Goliaths

Another tremendous success story of They Ask, You Answer—especially when addressing the “problems” of an industry—comes from Rob Misheloff of Smarter Finance USA.

In a couple of years, Misheloff has worked wonders to transform his one-man financial loan information company into an inbound lead and sales-generating powerhouse, all the while becoming a digital David in a land of financial Goliaths and proving himself more nimble, fast, and creative than his behemoth counterparts.

Approaching his website content with a unique blend of helpful information, bold transparency, and more than a dash of his own brand of humor, Misheloff has been successful not only in educating his clients and growing his business, but he’s been having a good time doing it, too.

And like many who share similar success stories in the world of great content, Misheloff just kind of stumbled into it.

About Smarter Finance USA

Misheloff got his start back in 2003 when he formed a small reverse-mortgage direct mail company that sent out mailers to elderly people who were “house rich, but cash poor.”

He loved his job because he felt that he was making a difference in peoples’ lives by offering them a chance to access their home equity while deferring mortgage payments until after their death. With reverse mortgages, elderly clients “no longer had to make the tough decisions of choosing between food and ...

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