Chapter 8. UX Is a Process

Every company is different. Every team is different. And every designer is different. So it’s worth asking some questions about how you work.

You will hear the word “process” a lot when people talk about design. It even comes up a few times in this book.

I often say things like, “UX needs to start early in the process,” or “A scientific process doesn’t allow bad ideas to survive,” or “I am in the process of photoshopping my boss’ head onto Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body right now.”

So, you need to understand UX as a process.

UX Is Not an Event or a Task

If you ever hear someone talk about UX like it is a one-time thing, or a moment in time, or a task that someone needs to do, feel free to interrupt. That’s wrong.

A UX designer is not “the person who does the UX part”. That’s like saying that the water is just the wet part of your drink.

Without the process of doing UX, you will have bad UX by default. There is no such thing as “no UX.” Even shitty products give the user an experience.

The experience of homicidal rage.

You need to get involved in several places, at many times, to design and protect a good user experience.

A Company Has a Process, Too

Your process as a UX designer is for you to gather the information you need, research the users, design the solution, make sure it is implemented properly, and measure the results.

But, the company you work with also has a process to get the whole project done.

UX designers are included in that process, along with the coders, ...

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