Appendix B. Migrating to Windows XP

For those of you who have moved to Windows XP from an earlier version of Windows, or are planning to do so, there are several migration issues that warrant attention, both before and after the transition is made.

Before Upgrading to Windows XP

As with the move to any new operating system, there are some software and hardware components that either aren’t compatible with the new version, or must be updated to work with the new version. In the case of Windows XP, any versions of the following products not specifically designed to work with Windows XP must be updated or removed:

  • Antivirus software and disk utility software. Examples include Norton Utilities, Norton SystemWorks, and Norton Antivirus.

  • Tape backup software. Examples include Veritas Backup (all versions) and Seagate Backup Exec. Note that if you back up your system before you upgrade to Windows XP, make sure you’ll be able to read your backup media from within Windows XP as well.

  • CD burner software not designed specifically for Windows XP may interfere with the built-in CD burner features in Windows XP, or may stop functioning because of said features. Examples include Roxio Easy CD Creator (Versions 5.0 and earlier) and Adaptec DirectCD.

  • Any software that works with settings specific to any single version of Windows, such as Microsoft TweakUI (Versions 1.33 and earlier). See Appendix D for details.

  • Games, especially the more graphic-intensive and 3D-accelerated ones, frequently have problems ...

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