Chapter 2

Choosing the Right Direct Sales Company

In This Chapter

arrow Contemplating the benefits of direct selling

arrow Exploring products, profits, and programs

arrow Choosing a start-up company

arrow Debunking the myth of saturation

Being a business owner is something many people dream about — four out of five people say they want to own their own business — yet only about 8 percent ever do. What keeps the other 72 percent from stepping out and becoming entrepreneurs? Most of the time, it’s not even the courage to start or the self-discipline required to succeed that holds people back. In reality, it’s usually the cash outlay for overhead and the length of time before revenue meets and exceeds it that prevents most people from owning their own business.

Depending on which field you’re talking about, starting a traditional small business can cost a lot of money. If you want the ease of a franchise, you may be looking at even more money. Of course, one benefit of a franchise is the system the company has in place to support the entrepreneur. This can include everything from purchasing to marketing and ...

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