Chapter 8

Planning a Launch Party or Show

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the importance of a launch party

arrow Planning and executing a successful launch

arrow Having a back-up launch party

arrow Scheduling your parties with the two-booking method

Alaunch party is an in-person event where you launch your new business to your friends and family. The launch party sets the tone and creates momentum for your business. Some companies may call it a grand opening, debut, kick-off, or introductory party. Whatever you want to call it, it is the best way to introduce your new business to a large group of people.

The people at your launch party are what we call your warm market. Your friends and family are likely to be your first customers as well as your first hosts.

remember Keep in mind that even though it is your friends and family that will help you with your first parties, it is the bookings that you get from those parties that will help you grow your business.

A launch party shows your friends and family exactly ...

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