Chapter 6

Always Be Ready for Business

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding best business practices

arrow Being ready for business wherever you go

arrow Learning business etiquette for direct sellers

arrow Securing interest and leads

In direct sales, being ready is one of the most important things you can be. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a small hurdle to being ready, and that is not taking it seriously. Your direct sales business is a business, even if you consider it your “part-time” business. And “part-time” can mean big profit, if you take it seriously. This chapter shows you how being and staying ready for business helps you take advantage of opportunities that will occur throughout your day.

Being ready for business doesn’t mean you have to be always hunting for the next sale or recruit, or wearing your business hat 100 percent of the time. You’re busy with the rest of your life, too — kids, school, another job, social responsibilities, and so on. People constantly tell me that when they are out and about, they just want to relax. They don’t want to be all about their business all the time.

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