Chapter 11

Social Selling: Direct Selling on Social Media

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the right social media for you

arrow Starting a Facebook page

arrow Sharing photos on Instagram and Pinterest

arrow Creating content on Twitter and blogs

arrow Exploring the best apps for your business

Over the past few years, a new term in direct sales has been circulating: social selling. It can refer to someone who just wants to sell socially to friends and family, but it is most often used to describe people who sell mainly through social networking. Social selling is the use of social media networks to interact directly with customers, leads, and clients. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram give independent representatives the opportunity to interact with their customers, build friendships, answer questions, and offer interesting and engaging content — all online.

New technologies and social media apps are constantly emerging and are changing the way you grow your brand. Social networks and apps like Facebook, Instagram, ...

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