Chapter 14

Attracting New Team Members: Recruiting and Sponsoring

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring the rewards of recruiting and what the opportunity could mean for others

arrow Finding recruit leads and getting people interested in the opportunity

arrow Understanding people’s behavior and what that could mean for your recruiting efforts

arrow Providing excellent follow-up and customer care to leads

arrow Using social media in your recruiting

If, as I have said in previous chapters, bookings are the heartbeat of your business, recruiting is its lifeline. As long as you have bookings, you can generate an income. But to generate a large income, you need recruiting. Recruiting means you are paid for the efforts of others, and from that you can create an amazing income that builds on itself month after month.

In addition to the financial rewards, there are very personal rewards that come from recruiting; the opportunity to help people achieve their goals and dreams and have a better lifestyle, and to know that you ...

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