Chapter 20

Networking to Grow Your Reach

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing why networking is so important

arrow Becoming business best friends

arrow Obtaining referrals

arrow Attending networking events

arrow Assembling an advisory board

In direct sales, as in any kind of business for that matter, it’s important to network. Engagement and communication are how you grow a strong circle of professionals, community members, and friends. Networking is a catalyst for success.

In business, return on investment (ROI) measures the success you receive from investing in your business through actions that are monetized — advertising, for example. Return on relationships (ROR) in the business world describes the success we receive from building authentic relationships with our customers, community, and others. Establishing these relationships online, within your community, and at professional events grows your customer base and helps you reach more people every day. Always be on the lookout for community or chamber of commerce ...

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