Chapter 17

Group Recruiting: Holding Opportunity Events

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing best practices for different types of opportunity events

arrow Recruiting in a group

arrow Staging and planning events

Group recruiting requires a different approach than one-on-one recruiting does, but the great news is that it can be exponentially more effective. Group recruiting is when you share your company’s products, profits, and programs with a group of people. Here’s the exciting part: The group of people don’t have to be, and actually would rarely be, all your own prospects.

You can do group recruiting at any number of different events, for your entire team to bring guests to. This means that your newest team members — those who are the most excited, the most scared, and the least knowledgeable — can bring their prospects to the event and leave with a new team member (see Chapter 16 for much more on working with new team members).

As a direct selling leader, you’ll hold various kinds of events: team meetings, product launches, host-appreciation events, and take-a-looks (just to name a few). The next section talks more about these.

Encourage team members to bring a guest with them to every opportunity ...

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