Chapter 16

Sponsoring New Recruits and Leading Teams

In This Chapter

arrow Helping new team members create healthy business habits

arrow Assisting your new recruit with a launch party

arrow Understanding what it means to be a leader

Sponsoring a new recruit and becoming a leader shouldn’t be scary or overwhelming. It’s an exciting time; you’ve got your first recruit! That’s awesome!

Do you remember, when you joined the business, how were you trained? What types of things did your upline leader do to help you get started in your business?

tip A good way to ease into leadership and training is to think about how you were trained and start there. I will help you fine-tune the rest.

Often I see representatives wait to start really leading their teams because, they say, “My team isn’t big enough” or “ I don’t know how to lead.”

Wrong. You begin leading the minute you sign your first recruit. Your purpose as a leader is to help build confidence in your new team member, support them with their first parties, and be a friend and encourager. When your new team member gets off to a strong start, they are setting ...

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