Chapter 9

Hosting Successful Parties

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring the six key elements of a successful party

arrow Giving your talks at parties, with scripting examples

arrow Building desire for products, hosting, and the opportunity

In my many years of experience in direct sales, I have participated in thousands of home parties and have had the privilege of being a part of several surveys and focus groups. In that time I have discovered why people want to host and attend home parties, and the best ways to go about doing so. This chapter contains my distilled wisdom on this important topic.

Contrary to what some may think, the home party is alive and well. People enjoy it as a form of entertainment. A home party is a good reason to get together with friends and socialize. In today’s busy and stressed-out world, it’s a good opportunity for people to get together and relax.

Except for your launch party, when you’re doing a home party (also known as a show, workshop, class, herbal hours, trunk show, and so on, depending on your company), you typically need someone else to host this event. Whether in their home, workplace, or another type of service establishment, these people are usually referred ...

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