Chapter 5

Creating a Vision, Setting Goals, and Boosting Your Productivity

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the difference between vision and goals

arrow Participating in company incentive programs

arrow Exploring my proven productivity system: the Power Hour

arrow Developing other helpful skills

Success is measured in different ways for different people. What success means to you is personal to you. Success is a journey, and it is your journey, so you shouldn’t compare your journey to someone else’s.

Whatever success looks like for you, there are certain components that are almost guaranteed to get you where you want to go. This chapter aims to offer suggestions on how to improve them in your business:

  • Vision is the big picture of where you see yourself and what motivates you. Keeping your vision front and center can help set you apart — very few people develop a vision.
  • Goals are the actionable and measurable steps that get you to your vision.
  • Incentive programs are programs created by direct sales companies to increase productivity. You can use them to boost your own sales and earn more income.

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