Chapter 12

The Power of One-on-One Selling

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the importance of one-on-one selling

arrow Securing appointments

arrow Finding the right service for your customers

arrow Selling one-on-one while out and about

The power of one-on-one selling is ideal for anyone in direct sales — Party Plan, Network Marketing, and Hybrid representatives. One-on-one selling is about the customer experience and customer service. One-on-one appointments are commonly used in the Network Marketing industry as a primary means for product sales and recruiting. However, many Party Plan companies are finding that one-on-one appointments are a great option for people who may never consider hosting a party.

Home parties (discussed in Chapter 9) are an ideal way to reach a group of people at one time, especially in the Party Plan model, but one-on-one appointments are another kind of asset in your arsenal. They create a personal shopping experience for your clients.

Just because someone isn’t interested in a hosting a party doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your product or your service. For example, I once ...

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