Window Menu

This menu controls which panels and windows Dreamweaver displays or hides at the moment. A checkmark in the menu denotes open panels:

  • Insert. Opens the Insert panel, from which you can insert various types of objects (such as images, layers, or forms) into your document. The Insert panel also contains options to switch between Layout and Standard table views, and to add dynamic elements (such as Spry widgets) to your pages.

  • Properties. Opens the Property Inspector, where you can edit the properties for a selected object. The options in the Property Inspector depend on the selected page element.

  • CSS Styles. Opens the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Styles panel, from which you can define and edit CSS styles, or apply existing ones to selected text.

  • jQuery Mobile Swatches. Opens the jQuery Mobile Swatches window, which lets you apply different design “themes” to jQuery Mobile page elements. This option works only with the jQuery mobile pages discussed on jQuery Mobile.

  • AP Elements. Opens the AP Elements panel, which lists all the elements on a page you positioned using CSS positioning properties. See Chapter 9 for details.

  • Multiscreen Preview. Opens the Multiscreen preview window so you can compare a live version of a web page at three different sizes—for smartphones, tables, and desktop browsers. See Previewing Pages at Different Resolutions.

  • Business Catalyst. Opens the Business Catalyst panel. You need to sign up for Adobe’s business web hosting service ( ...

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