purchasing management in, 7–8
reasons for, 2, 8–10
Foreign sourcing executives, exporting knowledge required
of, 105–134. See also Importer(s), exporting knowledge
required of
Foreign Trade Statistic Regulations, 105–106
Foreign Trade Zones, 32–35
U.S. companies managing some or all their supply chain
in, advantages of, 32–33
Forfiting, defined, 220
Formal consumption entries, in importation and customs
clearance process, 254
4-Hour Advanced Manifest Rule, 243, 245
Franchising, defined, 220
Free along side (FAS), defined, 220
Free Alongside Ship (FSA), 174
Free and secure trade, post 9/11, 67–72
Free Carrier (FCA), 174
Free domicile, defined, 221
Free on board (FOB), 174–175
defined, 221
Free port, defined, 221
Free trade, defined, 221
Free trade zone (FTZ), defined, 221
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) procedures, 286–287
Freight all kinds (FAK), defined, 221
Freight forwarders, management of, 54–55
FSA. See Free Alongside Ship (FSA)
FTZ. See Free trade zone (FTZ)
Fujitsu Network Communication, Inc., export violation
by, 115
GAO. See General Accounting Office (GAO)
GATT. See General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
GE InVision, 184
General Accounting Office (GAO), 188, 189
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), 155
defined, 221
General Electric, 184
General Rules of Interpretation (GRI), 265
Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), defined, 221
Global purchasing, post 9/11 effects on, 59–134. See also Post
compliance management, 94–104
DOT, 72–73
foreign sourcing executives and export, 105–134
import management, 74–94
TSA, 73–74
Global purchasing management, 6
Global security awareness, 243
Global sourcing. See also Sourcing
case studies, 27–30
CBP and, 24
competition for resources in, 19
culture and, 21–22
currency issues and, 20
energy, communication, and transportation infrastructure
and, 22
force majeure and, 19
Foreign Trade Zone, 32–35
government posture and, 22
lack of expertise and, 19
language and, 21–22
legal and proprietary rights and, 23–24
local and regional economics and, 20–21
local and regional politics and, 19
options to, 23–24
relationships between U.S. and other countries
and, 21
risks associated with
Cook’s Law of Global Risk, 25–27
identifying of, 17–35
perspectives on, 25–27

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