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Appendix E. CHPID Mapping Tool
The CHPID Mapping Tool provides a method of customizing the CHPID assignments for a
zSeries server. It is to be used after the machine order is placed and before the server is
delivered for installation. The tool is not intended for making changes to an already installed
machine or as part of an MES to the machine.
When a new zSeries server arrives there are default CHPIDs assigned to the I/O ports that
are stored in a file on the support element. The method used for determining these default
values is described later. A list of the default assignments is provided to the customer from
the IBM configurator (e-config) in the CHPID Report when the zSeries server is ordered. If the
default assignments are acceptable and the HCD/IOCP definitions are changed to match,
there is no need to use the CHPID Mapping Tool or to change the default values.
The Channel CHPID Assignment task (at the support element) is provided for the service
representative to view the CHPID-to-port assignments, make individual CHPID-to-port
assignment changes or to import a new mapping file from diskette. If, after viewing the default
assignments on the CHPID Report, the customer chooses to change any or all of the
CHPIDs, they can use the CHPID Mapping tool. If changes are made, the tool will provide a
new CHPID Report and a new mapping file on diskette. The report and diskette should be
provided to the service representative when the zSeries server is delivered. The service
representative will then import the new mapping file using the Channel CHPID Assignment
task when directed to do so by the Installation Manual.
There are two different methods for using the CHPID Mapping tool:
򐂰 The manual method allows the customer to specifically define the relationships between
logical CHPIDs and physical ports on the server. It is basically the same as the method
that can be used by the service representative on the support element, but it can be done
prior to the installation of the server. As with the task on the support element, there is no
availability checking and the accuracy of the mapping with HCD definitions is dependent
on the user's knowledge of the servers availability characteristics.
򐂰 Availability mapping is the recommended method for mapping. This method allows you to
input the IOCP deck for the proposed server configuration and then define the order in
which channel and control unit mapping should be done. This function takes into account

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