32 Team coaching

Passing trend or organizational staple?

Tammy Turner


Coaching has grown exponentially since its popular inception in the 1970s (Clutterbuck & Turner, 2017). Executive coaching has become a staple of many organizations, as have collaborative leadership and leader/manager as coach training programs. In fewer than 25 years, business coaching in the US alone has become an $11 billion industry with over 88,000 coaches in nearly 52,000 businesses (IBIS Business, IbisWorld, October 2017). In 2017, globalization, complexity, and disruption have perhaps contributed to an estimated 32% of organizations surveyed striving to be more adaptable and team-centric (Bersin, McDowell, Rahnema, & Van Durme, 2017, p. 22).

On the surface, the trend ...

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