Chapter 6

Writing in Long Form for the Web

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing your style and voice

arrow Writing shareworthy content

arrow Knowing when to follow and break grammar rules

arrow Formatting tips

arrow Finding more tools for long-form writing

Long-form content marketing requires planning and skills. Unlike short-form and conversational content marketing, long-form content marketing is intrinsically more detailed and comprehensive than any other type of content marketing. In other words, creating compelling long-form content for marketing purposes can’t be done haphazardly.

Publishing long-form content that’s written poorly isn’t going to help your business. This chapter shows you how to write long-form content that accurately reflects your brand promise, giving it the opportunity to promote your business positively.

Finding Your Style and Voice

Chapter 1 discusses the fundamental steps of branding: consistency, persistence, and restraint. When you follow these steps to build your personal or business brand, ...

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