Chapter 15

Integrating Your Content Marketing Efforts

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the importance of online and offline content integration

arrow Interlinking your content

arrow Making sharing and conversing easy

arrow Finding content marketing opportunities

As mentioned throughout this book, content marketing success can’t reach full potential if your marketing efforts operate in silos. Instead, you need to integrate all of your online and offline content marketing efforts to achieve the highest results. Furthermore, you need to integrate your content marketing efforts with your other marketing efforts, such as advertising, research, direct response, and so on. To maximize your return on investments, develop an integrated marketing plan.

Integrating your content marketing efforts can be as simple as including a link to your Twitter profile in your e-mail signature or the address of your Facebook Page in a print ad. There are many ways to integrate your marketing efforts, and this chapter shows some of the most valuable integration tactics you can apply to your content marketing activities right ...

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