Part V

Achieving Long-Term Success


In this part . . .

It’s time to bring everything in Parts I–IV of this book together, so you can ensure your content marketing plan is set for long-term success. Content marketing is just one tool in your marketing toolbox, and Part V shows you how to make it a useful part that complements your other efforts rather than working against them.

In Chapter 15, you find out how to integrate your online and offline content marketing efforts — with each other and with other marketing initiatives. Chapter 16 shows you how to analyze your content marketing results so you can tweak your efforts and improve your results. Not only can you find tools you can use for your content marketing analysis efforts, but you also learn how to track results.

Finally, in Chapter 17, you discover how to build a content marketing team. Content marketing takes time, and you might need to recruit existing employees, hire new employees, or work with freelancers to ensure your content marketing efforts are the best they can be in order to deliver the results you want and need.

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