Chapter 11

Discovering Ways to Improve Short-Form Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Increasing the search engine rankings of your short-form content

arrow Abbreviating, truncating, and shortening content the right way

arrow Using tools and tricks to get more from short-form content marketing

In Chapter 10, you discover ways to craft your short-form content so it’s positioned for success. In this chapter, you find more specific tricks and tools that you can apply to your short-form content to make it even better. If you apply the suggestions included in this chapter to your short-form content, you will see an improvement in its performance.

Short-form content is a catalyst to action. In just a handful of words or a few seconds, short-form content can communicate an important piece of information, motivate people to action, or spark a conversation. Read this chapter to find out how to boost your short-form content return on investment by making sure the content is an effective catalyst to action rather than a message that’s easy to bypass or ignore.

Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings

Even with just a handful of words or an image, you can drive traffic to your content from search engines. ...

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