Chapter 1

Determining Your Revenue Model


check Acquiring and reselling tangible products

check Finding revenue-sharing opportunities with affiliate sites

check Selling your professional services

check Distributing information for profit

check Creating a revenue stream with online advertisements

Face it: Whenever you start an online business, you must answer one question before you answer any others — how will you make money?

You can have the most brilliant, original, or quirky idea ever conceived, but the concept doesn’t hold water if you don’t have a viable plan to bring in dollars. The good news is that, as the web continues to mature, a number of viable ways to make money have emerged. In this chapter, we break down the various revenue models on which you can base your online business.

Selling Tangible Products

A natural choice for making money online is to sell some sort of product. You might already have a fantastic product, or you might need to search for a mix of products that you can ...

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