Chapter 3

Web Marketing at Work


check Implementing a total marketing strategy

check Creating a long-term conversation with customers by using social media

check Offering newsletters to lure in potential customers

check Advertising through a pay-per-click strategy

check Marketing your business in nonelectric ways

Regardless of how big your online business is or will become, the power of the web is a far-reaching and low-cost way to effectively turn people on to what you provide. One reason for the effectiveness of web marketing is the power of one-to-one marketing. Rather than create TV ads that speak to tens of millions of people during a popular sitcom, for example, web marketing speaks directly to your interested customers and builds a one-to-one connection between a potential customer and your business. These first-time buyers can become repeat customers who spread the word about your company to new customers; your business continues to grow with each wave. Online sites such as craigslist grew ...

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