This section examines resources in the area of developing.

iOS Development

Following are resources for iOS development:

  • Apple and iOS Developer Site (your Apple development portal) — See Well ahead of release (likely when you have the green light on your first app), head to this site (shown in Figure B-4), sign up to be an iOS Developer, and pay the fee for the iOS Developer Program. You'll then get access to all the tools and latest iOS Software Development Kits (SDKs). This is a requirement for all developers, so don't wait, because it can take weeks for approval. Use this site as a launching point to tutorials, guidelines, and managing all your Apple developer devices.


    FIGURE B-4: The iOS Developer center has lots of resources and tutorials, and will be a frequent destination during your development

  • cocos2D (2D iOS development framework) — See This is a full-featured, two-dimensional (2D) development framework, which means that you can use it to build almost any type of app or game as long as it isn't three-dimensional (3D).
  • Corona SDK (iOS development framework) — See Also mentioned as a resource in the section “Cross-Platform Development” later in this appendix, this framework provides another way to create great looking and performing iOS apps.
  • TestFlight (free testing service) — See ...

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