Let's accept as a rule that the best chance at app success rests with the people on your team. Therefore, for any size team, it's vitally important that competent leadership be demonstrated from the top down. Of course, not everyone was born a charismatic and natural leader. But, based on this author's experience, it is something that can be learned, practiced, and honed to at least semi-competency.

The following traits from those in a leadership position will be appreciated by the rest of your team, thus ensuring a smoother development process:

  • Leave your ego at the door — The best leaders are those who make others feel valued. Lead by example, rather than expecting others to automatically follow because of your title or past achievements.
  • Empower others — Allow others a sense of control and ownership over their parts, and they'll achieve much better results than when you hand-hold them. This also allows you more time to manage the project.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic — Show that you're excited about the project and it will rub off on others.
  • Accept criticism — Be willing to find the truth in any criticism, and how to politely ignore that which won't result in being productive.
  • Be honest — If you're wrong, admit it and get back on track. If you don't know, find out or ask. Just don't pretend.
  • Make decisions — Being indecisive is counter-productive to the team in that you're being relied upon for action. Learn to make decisions early so that you can maximize ...

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