To Let You Know
This is a written activity to check participants’ understanding of their
company’s current appraisal system. Group members are asked to write a
promotional leaflet for their staff, describing the purpose and benefits of the
appraisal system. The discussions that take place and the production of this
promotional leaflet will highlight the level of understanding within the group.
This is an ideal activity both for those who have had some experience with
appraisals and for those who are just about to take on the responsibility.
To determine the level of understanding of the group on the purpose
and benefits of the current company appraisal system
To involve the group in a practical exercise where they can share
opinions and information
To highlight the importance of promoting the appraisal system and its
To encourage writing skills such as clarity of language and putting
across the right message
45 minutes
Flipchart and markers
White paper or card
A selection of pens
Magazines, newspapers, glue, and scissors
1. Before the start of the activity, prepare a transparency or flipchart
confirming the purpose and benefits of the current company appraisal
2. Begin the exercise by dividing the group into two teams, explaining that
each team has 20 minutes to produce a promotional leaflet, illustrating
the purpose and benefits of the appraisal system. In addition, they have
to decide who the audience is of the leaflet. Emphasize also that they will
need to consider the quality of their writing.
3. Distribute the appropriate materials, such as magazines, newspapers,
glue, and scissors. Start the exercise, watching the teams and listening
to the discussions taking place. This will highlight the level of knowledge
within the two teams.
50 Activities for Performance Appraisal Training
4. Suggest that the groups exchange leaflets and critique each other’s
work. They should award points for the following:
Clarity of language
Accuracy of the information presented
The motivational aspect of the leaflet
Accurate interpretation of the message within the leaflet
The target audience should be decided from the language used in the
promotional leaflet.
5. Lead the discussion between the two teams. The level of knowledge
from the group will determine how the next stage is handled. If the
knowledge of the group is unsatisfactory, then reiterate the purpose and
benefits using the visual reminders produced before the activity started.
Where the knowledge is acceptable or above, praise the group in the
relevant areas.
6. Close the session by asking: “Why is it so important to promote the
appraisal system and to inform employees of its benefits?” Answers
could include:
To gain commitment
To improve understanding
To increase enthusiasm

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