Creating Service Catalog Service Offerings

Service Offerings in the SCSM 2016 Service catalog are the second tier to sort and combine Request Offerings. SCSM 2016 groups and user roles can be used to control the permission through which users are able to see and use Request Offerings in the SCSM 2016 portal.

This recipe shows the necessary configuration and steps to create Service Offerings in SCSM 2016.

Getting ready

To create Service Offerings in the SCSM 2016 Service Catalog, open the SCSM 2016 console and navigate to Library | Service Catalog | Service Offerings.

How to do it...

To create a Service Catalog Service Offering, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create Service Offering in the Task pane of the SCSM 2016 console.
  2. Read the Before You Begin information ...

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