Recipe 7.1. Caricatures

The art of caricature dates back hundreds of years, and many celebrities are often more recognizable in a caricature than they are in a straightforward photograph. Caricature artists are extremely talented experts, with a keen eye and impeccable drawing ability. If you've ever wanted to create your own caricature, but have never felt you had the ability, Photoshop's got the answer.

In this recipe, we're going to take a simple portrait photograph and transform it into a caricature, using Photoshop's Transform command and the Liquify filter. This is a fun job, so why not sit back, fire up Photoshop, and caricature your boss? Trust me, you'll feel so much better!

1 Click on the Background layer and choose the Lasso tool. Set Feather to 10 pixels in the Options bar. Draw a rough selection around the nose, then right-click within the selection and choose Layer Via Copy. Label this layer "Nose."

2 Repeat the procedure above to make selections around the mouth and the chin, generating another Layer Via Copy for each.

3 Click on the Background layer and duplicate ...

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