Chapter 2

Tallying the Bottom Line


check Estimating the cost of customer acquisition

check Figuring sales metrics and revenue

check Managing and converting leads

check Breaking even

check Calculating return on investment

In this chapter, you deal with business metrics to determine whether you see a return on investment (ROI) in your social media marketing services. In other words, you get to the bottom line! For details on performance metrics for various types of social media as parameters for campaign success, see Book 9.

By definition, the business metric ROI involves revenues. Alas, becoming famous online isn’t a traditional part of ROI; it might have a public relations value and affect business results, but fame doesn’t necessarily make you rich. This chapter examines the cost of acquiring new customers, tracking sales, and managing leads. After you reach the break-even point on your investment, you can (in the best of all worlds) start totaling up the profits and then calculate your ROI. ...

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