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Ten Minute Guide to Access 97

Book Description

The 10 Minute Guide to Access 97 offers simple, practical help for busy people who need fast results. Through goal-oriented, 10-minute lessons, you'll learn all the essential tasks for setting up and maintaining your own database. 10 minutes is all you'll need to learn how to: understand tables, forms, reports, and queries; create a database from scratch or with Database Wizard; add records to tables; change and replace cell contents; add graphics and pictures; sort and filter your data; create mailing labels with the Label Wizard; and insert hyperlinks into your database.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
  3. What Is a Database?
    1. What Are Databases Good For?
    2. How Access Stores Your Data
    3. Reports
    4. Queries
    5. How the Parts Fit Together
    6. Access Wizards Make Databases Easy
  4. Planning your Database
    1. Planning Is Important!
    2. Determining What Tables You'll Need
    3. What Forms Will You Use?
    4. What Reports Will You Want to Produce?
  5. Starting and Exiting Access
    1. Starting Access
    2. Parts of the Screen
    3. Exiting Access
  6. Getting Help
    1. Help—What's Available?
    2. Asking the Office Assistant
    3. Using the Access Help Topics
    4. Managing Help Topics You've Located
    5. Getting Help with Screen Elements
  7. Creating a New Database
    1. Choosing the Right Way to Create Your Database
    2. Creating a Blank Database
    3. Creating a Database with Database Wizard
  8. Saving, Closing, and Opening a Database
    1. Saving a Database
    2. Closing a Database
    3. Opening a Database
  9. Creating a Table with the Table Wizard
    1. Why Create a Table?
    2. Creating a Table Using the Table Wizard
    3. Now What?
  10. Creating a Table Without a Wizard
    1. Why Not Use a Wizard?
    2. Creating a Table in Table Design View
    3. Understanding Data Types and Formats
    4. Setting the Primary Key
    5. Switching Between Design and Datasheet Views
    6. Creating a Table in Datasheet View
  11. Modifying a Table
    1. Editing Fields and Their Properties
    2. Adding Fields
    3. Deleting Fields
    4. Hiding a Field
    5. Deleting a Table
  12. Entering Data Into a Table
    1. Entering a Record
    2. Some Data Entry Tricks
    3. Moving Around in a Table
    4. Printing a Table
    5. Closing a Table
  13. Editing Data in a Table
    1. Changing a Cell's Content
    2. Replacing a Cell's Content
    3. Editing a Cell's Content
    4. Selecting Records
    5. Inserting New Records
    6. Deleting Records
    7. Moving and Copying Data
  14. Formatting a Table
    1. Why Format a Table?
    2. Changing Column Width and Row Height
    3. Changing the Font
  15. Creating a Simple Form
    1. Why Create Forms?
    2. Creating a Form with AutoForm
    3. Creating a Form with Form Wizard
    4. Creating a Form from Scratch
    5. Entering Data in a Form
  16. Modifying Your Form
    1. Moving Fields
    2. Adding Text
    3. Viewing Headers and Footers
    4. Changing Field Lengths
    5. Formatting Text on a Form
    6. Changing Tab Order
  17. Creating Special Data Entry Fields on a Form
    1. What Kinds of Controls?
    2. Creating a List Box or Combo Box
    3. Creating an Option Group
  18. Adding Graphics to Forms
    1. Importing a Graphic
    2. Creating a New Picture
  19. Searching for Data
    1. Using the Find Feature
    2. Using the Replace Feature
    3. Other Ways to Find Data
  20. Sorting and Filtering Data
    1. Sorting Data
    2. Filtering Data
  21. Creating a Query
    1. What Is a Query?
    2. Creating a Simple Query Using Query Wizard
    3. Printing Query Results
    4. Other Query Wizards
  22. Modifying a Query
    1. Introducing Query Design View
    2. Adding Fields to a Query
    3. Deleting a Field
    4. Adding Criteria
    5. Sorting a Field in a Query
    6. Showing or Hiding a Field
    7. Viewing Query Results
  23. Creating a Simple report
    1. Why Create Reports?
    2. Using AutoReport to Create a Report
    3. Creating a Report with Report Wizard
    4. Viewing and Printing Reports in Print Preview
  24. Customizing a Report
    1. Entering Report Design View
    2. Working with Objects on Your Report
    3. Adding and Removing Fields
    4. Arranging Your New Fields
    5. Adding Labels
    6. Adding a Calculated Text Box
    7. Rules for Creating Calculations
  25. Creating a Chart
    1. The Chart Advantage
    2. Creating a Chart
    3. Using Print Preview
    4. Saving a Chart
    5. Modifying a Chart in Microsoft Graph
  26. Creating Mailing Labels
    1. Easy Mailing Labels with Access
    2. Creating Mailing Labels with the Label Wizard
    3. Printing Labels
    4. Saving Labels
    5. Modifying Your Labels
  27. Creating Relationships Between Tables
    1. Why Create Relationships?
    2. Creating a Relationship Between Tables
    3. What is Referential Integrity?
    4. Editing a Relationship
    5. Removing a Relationship
  28. Analyzing How Well Your Database Works
    1. Introducing the Analysis Tools
    2. Using the Table Analyzer Wizard
    3. Using the Performance Analyzer
    4. Using the Documenter
  29. Using Access on the Internet
    1. Some Internet Basics
    2. Publish to the Web
    3. Inserting Hyperlinks Into an Access Object
  30. Keeping Your Data Safe
    1. Data Security: What to Be Afraid Of
    2. Setting Up Exclusive Use
    3. Assigning Passwords to Database Files
    4. User-Level Security (Network Only)
    5. Creating an MDE File
    6. Encrypting a Database
    7. Data Protection on Forms
    8. Backing up your Data
    9. Repairing Damaged Database Files
  31. Importing and Exporting Data
    1. Why Share Data?
    2. Importing Data from Other Programs
    3. Importing from a Database Program
    4. Exporting Data to Other Programs
    5. Creating OLE Links
  32. Index