44Introducing the 15-Minute Marketing® Planner

Here is the simple tool you'll use to plan and execute your marketing. See Figure 44.1.


Figure 44.1 The 15-Minute Revenue Growth Planner

The 15-Minute Revenue Growth Planner

Let's go through each part of the planner.

This Week's Dates

Write in today's date range.

Your à la Carte Communications Menu

The list on the right includes all of the communications actions discussed in this book. They're listed here for easy reference. Simply select one and drop it into a day to the left.

Your Top Three Revenue Growth Priorities

Now, write in this week's top revenue growth priorities. Think of this as open planning space. Use it for your major focuses for the coming week. Perhaps you want to gather testimonials. Or maybe you want to concentrate on following up on three major quotes. You might write in “throw together a starter list of customers and prospects.” Maybe you want to practice behaving more boldly and confidently with customers this week. Anything is fair game here.

15-Minute Action

Now, Monday through Friday, look at the list to the right, and write in one activity a day. Monday might be asking for a testimonial, and Tuesday can be communicating it. Wednesday can be asking the “did you know” question, and Thursday can be following up on a quote. On Friday, you might send a handwritten note.

Conversely, you might want to ask ...

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