2.7. One Backup Protecting Two Masters

Since we have covered 1-to-1 and 1-to-N redundancies, it may be informative to consider how to implement an N-to-1 redundancy using VRRP. To illustrate this case, we install three VRRP routers—R1, R2, and R3—into our local networks consisting of two segments. We would like R2 to back up both R1 and R3. To achieve this, we define two different virtual routers, V1 and V2, and designate R1 as the master of V1 and R3 as the master of V2. The VRRP router R2 assumes the role of the backup both in V1 and V3. Figure 2-8 illustrates this configuration.

Figure 2-8. One backup for two masters

Note that in Figure 2-8 ...

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