Chapter 1

Getting Around in Windows

In This Chapter

arrow Navigating via your fingers or via a mouse

arrow Switching among apps

arrow To boldly go where no mouse has gone before

Ready to get your feet wet, but not yet up to a full plunge?

askwoodycom Good. You’re in the right place for a dip-your-toes-in kind of experience. Nothing tough in this chapter, just a bit of windows cruising. Lay of the land kind of stuff.

If you’re an experienced Windows 7 or XP user, you’ll find parts of Windows 10 that look a bit familiar and parts that look like they were ripped from an iPhone. If you’re an experienced Windows 8.1 user, I salute you and your stamina, and I welcome you to a kinder, gentler Windows.

remember Former Microsoft General Manager and Distinguished Engineer Hal Berenson said it best: “Consumers increasingly reject the old experiences in both their personal and work lives. For the 20-something-and-under crowd, the current Windows desktop experience is about as attractive as the thought of visiting a 19th-century dentist.” ...

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