Chapter 2

Keeping Track of People

In This Chapter

arrow What’s a “People” and why do they need an app?

arrow Working through your contacts

arrow Build a better contact list

Once upon a time, contact lists were the meat ’n taters of the PC world. Being able to keep one single list of all of your contacts — and keep their addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers all up to date — was one of the most important chores for a burgeoning PC.

askwoodycom Those days have long passed. Nowadays, contact lists get gummed up with outdated entries and useless information. Worse, the contact lists don’t talk to each other: My contacts in Facebook, Line, Skype, Gmail, inside my phones, Flickr and Snapchat and Twitter and Pinterest and Outlook just don’t talk to each other. Which is all for the better, actually, because if they did start talking to each other, there’d be some really heated arguments and lots of name-calling.

Even if your contacts are better behaved than mine, changing a detail in one place — say, a new email address in Gmail — doesn’t ripple to all the lists. Instead, it just means that one of the lists ...

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