Chapter 1

Settings, Settings, and More Settings

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing the Universal Settings app

arrow What’s left in the Control Panel

arrow Putting shortcuts to settings on your desktop

arrow “God Mode”

Windows has settings. Boy howdy, does it have settings.

remember The desktop’s Control Panel (shown in Figure 1-1) — long the bastion of Windows settings, through many generations of Windows (see the nearby sidebar) — controls many of the settings on a Windows 10 PC. The new Universal Settings app (shown in Figure 1-2) controls several hundred settings. And — get this — there’s a bit of overlap between the two, but some settings can be changed only in the Settings app, and other settings can be changed only on the old-fashioned Control Panel.


Figure 1-1: The old-fashioned Control Panel is still alive and well — just hard to reach.

Figure 1-2: The new Universal Settings app looks inviting, but it doesn’t ...

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