Chapter 3

News, Money, and Sports

In This Chapter

arrow Finding the Bing in everything

arrow Getting a different slant on the news

arrow Pinning Money for profit and fun

arrow Working with the Sports app

Although the tiles may be scattered hither and yon on your Start screen, three of the key Windows/Universal apps are really just portals to viewing stuff that’s being fed by Microsoft Bing. In fact, by the time you read this, Microsoft may have even more Bing-y apps for you to install.

The Bing-based Windows/Universal apps are easy and cheap for Microsoft to assemble: Basically, what you see in the app’s window is, in each case, a wrapper around a web browser that’s set to work with the Bing search engine. The content is actually controlled by the Bing servers, and it’s pulled down to your screen when you ask for it.

askwoodycom News delivers a very visual take on the latest news, with short articles that adapt reasonably well to a finger-first approach. In this chapter, I show you how to personalize News — there are ...

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