Chapter 3

Getting Started with Facebook

In This Chapter

arrow Where’s the Universal Facebook app?

arrow Establishing a Facebook account

arrow Nailing down your settings

arrow Building your Timeline

arrow Locking down your Facebook info

If you don’t yet have a Facebook account, about a billion and a half people are ahead of you.

askwoodycom I have friends who figure Facebook is some sort of fad that’s going away soon. They’d rather be drawn and quartered than put anything on Facebook. “You lose your privacy,” they say, “I don’t see any need for it.”

Of course, many of them said the same thing about mobile phones two decades ago. ATMs. Online banking. Two decades before that they lambasted the newfangled color television stuff — it’ll never catch on, you know?

In the past decade, Facebook’s become an important part of the daily routine of 900 million people, and it claims more than 1.4 billion registered users who go online ...

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