Chapter 5

Windows’ Best Free Add-Ons

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out which Windows add-ons you must have

arrow Getting the lowdown on the best of the (free) rest

arrow Figuring out what software you don’t need

Much as I love — and hate, and love to hate — Windows 10, it has a few glaring holes that can be fixed only by non-Microsoft software.

askwoodycom In this chapter, I step you through two different kinds of software. First come the (few) programs that you need to fix holes in Windows. Second is a much larger group of programs that just make Windows work better. Both of the collections have two things in common: They’re absolutely free for personal use, with one exception (which costs $5), and they all run on the desktop side of Windows 10.

Windows 10 titled “Universal” apps are still in their infancy. A year or two from now, I hope to include many of them in this Hall of Cheap Charlie Honor.

At the end of this chapter, I turn to one of my favorite topics: Software that you don’t need and should never pay one cent to acquire. There are lots of snake oil salesmen out there. This chapter tells you why they’re ...

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