dialer map — interface


dialer map protocol destination [name hostname] [class name] [broadcast] 
    [spc] [speed {56|64}] [modem-script script-name] [system-script 
    script-name] [dial-string]
no dialer map protocol destination [name hostname] [class name] [broadcast] 
    [spc] [speed {56|64}] [modem-script script-name] [system-script 
    script-name] [dial-string]


Any non-DTR dialer interface for PPP callback




The dialer map command allows an interface to call one or more different sites by mapping a destination address to connection-specific dial strings and connection scripts.


Names the protocol to use for the connection. Valid values are ip, appletalk, bridge, decnet, ipx, novell, snapshot, vines, and xns.


The destination address to use for this map. The next-hop address of a packet is the destination address in map configurations.

name hostname

Optional. The name of the remote system for the DDR connection.

class name

Optional. Names a map class to use for this mapping. A map class is defined with the map-class command.


Optional. Allows broadcast packets to be forwarded over this connection.


Optional. ISDN only; Germany only. Configures a semipermanent connection between the ISDN device and the exchange.

speed speed

Optional. ISDN only. Defines the speed of an ISDN B channel in kbps. Valid values are 56 and 64. The default value is 64.

modem-script script-name

Optional. Names the modem script to use for dialing the ...

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