Classifying balance sheet accounts

Presented below are the main section headings of the balance sheet:

a. Current assets

b. Long-term investments

c. Property, plant, and equipment

d. Intangible assets

e. Current liabilities

f. Long-term liabilities

g. Contributed capital

h. Retained earnings


Classify the following accounts under the appropriate headings, and prepare a balance sheet in proper form without account balances.

  1. Dividends payable
  2. Payments received in advance
  3. Allowance for uncollectible accounts
  4. Inventories
  5. Capital stock
  6. Accumulated depreciation—building
  7. Bonds payable
  8. Machinery and equipment
  9. Accounts receivable
  10. Short-term investments
  11. Buildings
  12. Patents
  13. Property
  14. Investment fund for plant expansion
  15. Wages payable
  16. Cash
  17. Accumulated depreciation—equipment
  18. Prepaid rent
  19. Trademarks
  20. Land held for investment
  21. Current portion due of long-term debt
  22. Accounts payable
  23. Short-term notes payable

Classifying income statement accounts

The main section headings of the income statement are:

a. Sales

b. Fees earned

c. Other revenues

d. Cost of goods sold

e. Operating expenses

f. Other expenses


Classify the following descriptions under the appropriate headings and prepare an income statement in proper form without account balances.

  1. Office salary expense
  2. Sales of services provided
  3. Insurance expense
  4. Sales of inventories
  5. Salespeople commission expense
  6. Depreciation expense
  7. Office supplies expense
  8. Loss on sale of equipment
  9. Income from interest on savings account ...

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