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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Peachpit Learning Series

Book Description

If you want to tame Mac OS X Tiger, but you want to do so in the comfort of your own home, this guide makes it possible! Robin Williams uses her trademark friendly teaching style to reveal exactly what you want to know: What's new in Tiger, what's great about it, and how can you get the most out of it fast! Focused lessons take you step-by-step through practical, real-world projects that teach Mac OS X Tiger inside and out. Covers everything from upgrading your Mac to Tiger and customizing and troubleshooting your system to all of Tiger's new goodies: configuring the spoken-user interface, audio and video messaging with multiple people at once, a Dashboard full of Widgets, the innovative Spotlight Search system, the enhanced Safari RSS browser, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
  3. Upgrading to Tiger
    1. Upgrade Your Mac to Tiger
      1. Know Your System Requirements
        1. Do you need to update the firmware?
      2. Upgrading from Mac OS 9?
      3. Know your Connection Specifications
      4. The Installation Process
        1. During the process
        2. Welcome to the Installer
        3. If you need to quit
        4. Choose an installation option
        5. Customize your installation
        6. Install!
      5. Customize the Setup Assistant
        1. VoiceOver option
        2. The welcome screen
        3. The network setup
        4. Your Apple ID
        5. Other details
        6. Create your account
        7. Done!
      6. Take Advantage of the Utilities in the Installer
      7. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. Transfer Your Files to a New Mac Running Tiger
      1. Do You Now Own Two Macs?
        1. The migration process can automatically transfer
      2. Requirements for Using the Migration Assistant
      3. Start the Migration Process
      4. Migrate Additional Users
      5. What to Do After Migrating
      6. Other Ways to Transfer Files from Mac to Mac
        1. Use an external disk
        2. Burn a CD
        3. Send attachments in email
        4. Use your .Mac account
        5. Send files through the network
      7. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Mac OS X Basics for New Users
    1. Introduction to Mac OS X
      1. Get to Know Your Desktop and Finder
        1. Make sure you can get to the Desktop or Finder when necessary
      2. Get to Know Your Finder Windows
      3. Get to Know Your Home and its Folders
        1. What each folder is for
        2. Create your own folders
        3. To make a new folder
      4. Take Advantage of the Sidebar
      5. Change the View of the Finder Window
        1. The Icon View
        2. In the Icon View, double-click to open files
        3. The List View
        4. In the List View, single-click vs. double-click
        5. The Column View
        6. In the Column View, single-click files to display columns
      6. Use the Buttons in the Finder Window
        1. Red, yellow, and green buttons
        2. Back and Forward buttons
        3. Hide/Show the Toolbar and Sidebar
      7. Select Multiple Items in the Finder
        1. In the Icon View
        2. In the List View or Column View
      8. Use the Dock
      9. Use the Trash
      10. Understand the Various Disk Icons
        1. View your Home folder from the hard disk
      11. Understand the Various Library Folders
      12. Use Mac OS X Together with Mac OS 9
      13. Look for Contextual Menus
      14. Work with Keyboard Shortcuts
        1. Recognize the common modifier keys
        2. Use a keyboard shortcut
        3. Notice gray vs. black commands
        4. Navigate the Desktop and Finder windows
        5. Access the menus on the Desktop or in any application
        6. Try these shortcuts in a Finder window
        7. Keyboard shortcuts in dialog boxes
        8. Use the Tab key to select the other parts of the dialog box
      15. Burn a CD or DVD
        1. To burn a CD or DVD
      16. Learn Simple Troubleshooting Techniques
        1. Restart
        2. Force quit an application or relaunch the Finder
        3. Delete the preference file
        4. Check the Network preferences
        5. Check for software updates
        6. Create another user and test
        7. If you forgot your password
        8. Report crashes
      17. Learn More About Mac OS X
        1. Tool tips
        2. Visual clues
        3. Help files
        4. Support pages
        5. .Mac Learning Center
      18. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. Introduction to Mac OS X Applications
      1. Know Your Applications Folder
        1. Keyboard shortcut
      2. Know the Common Elements of Mac OS X Applications
      3. Use the Common Tools You'll Find in Every Mac App
        1. Spell Checker
        2. Font Panel
          1. Preview
          2. Effects
          3. Collections
          4. Favorites
          5. Action button options
        3. Colors Panel
        4. Experiment with the Colors Panel to discover the possibilities
        5. Speech
        6. Have your email read out loud
        7. Character Palette
        8. Add special characters to your document
      4. Learn the Key Features of Mac OS X Applications
        1. Text Edit
        2. Open Word docs and save as Word docs
        3. To save a TextEdit file as a Word document
        4. Find and replace words or phrases
        5. Paste in copied text to match the existing text
        6. Use your favorite text styles easily
        7. To create your own favorite style
        8. Complete your word automatically
        9. Standard Mac OS X application features
        10. Tabs and indents
        11. TextEdit is integrated with
        12. New in Tiger's TextEdit (see pages 201–206)
        13. Mail
        14. Check your Dock icon
        15. Create mailboxes to organize your mail
        16. Filter your incoming mail
        17. Delete junk mail without ever seeing it!
        18. Add signatures to your messages
        19. To use a signature, put the menu in your message window
        20. Use the standard Mac OS X application features
        21. Mail is integrated with
        22. New in Tiger Mail (see pages 184–197)
        23. Address Book
        24. Make and edit new cards
        25. Search
        26. Designate your own card
        27. Customize one card or all cards
        28. Create group mailing lists
        29. To prevent everyone's address from appearing in everyone else's email
        30. Print in a variety of ways
        31. Backup your entire digital database
        32. Address Book is integrated with
        33. New in Tiger's Address Book (see pages 198–200)
        34. Safari
        35. Make a quick web address change
        36. Find a word or phrase on the current page
        37. Fill in online forms and passwords automatically
        38. Quickly enlarge or reduce text
        39. Block pop-up windows!
        40. SnapBack to a results page or other page
        41. Tabbed browsing
        43. Safari is integrated with
        44. New in Tiger's Safari (see pages 223–226)
        45. iCal
        46. Create multiple calendars
        47. Create events
        48. Preferences
        49. Detach the Info drawer
        50. Create a To Do list
        51. Publish your calendar
        52. Subscribe to calendars
        53. iCal is integrated with
        54. New in Tiger's iCal (see pages 218–222)
        55. iChat
        56. Set up iChat
        57. Create a Buddy List
        58. Add or change a Buddy's photo
        59. Chat with one other person
        60. Save a hard copy transcript of your chat
        61. Chat with a group of people
        62. Exchange files
        63. Limit your availability
        64. Audio chat
        65. Video chat
        66. iChat is integrated with
        67. New in Tiger's iChat (see pages 343–349)
        68. iTunes
        69. Import songs
        70. Tune in to visual effects
        71. Create a Playlist
        72. Create a Smart Playlist
        73. Burn a CD of your own collection
        74. Share the wealth
        75. Adjust the sound
        76. Buy music
        77. Download album art
        78. Print a CD insert
        79. iTunes is integrated with
        80. New in Tiger
        81. Preview
        82. Open an image or folder of images
        83. Rotate, reduce, or enlarge the view
        84. Save as another format
        85. Preview is integrated with
        86. New in Tiger's Preview (see pages 208–217)
        87. Font Book
        88. Preview fonts you haven't installed
        89. Install fonts
        90. Preview fonts you have installed
        91. Go to the Preview menu and choose
        92. Create your own Collections
        93. Font Book is integrated with
        94. New in Tiger's Font Book
        95. What You've Learned
    3. Working between Mac OS X Applications
      1. Work with Multiple Applications at Once
        1. Switch between all applications
        2. Switch back and forth between two applications
        3. Quit or hide applications
      2. Control Your Windows with Exposé
        1. Exposé preferences
      3. Simplify Your Work with Drag-and-Drop
        1. Move text around in a document window
        2. Move text from one application to another
        3. Make a text clipping on the Desktop
        4. Add email addresses to Mail message
        5. Send contact information through email
        6. Make a web location file
        7. Send a file to a Buddy
        8. Invite people to an iCal event
        9. Save into a particular folder
        10. Take advantage of the page proxy
        11. Open documents in other applications
        12. Take advantage of spring-loaded folders
        13. Drag content, images, or files between applications
      4. Take Advantage of System Services
      5. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Make Tiger Work for You
    1. Personalize Your Mac to Meet Your Needs
      1. Customize the Dock
        1. Customize the Dock using the System Preferences
        2. Customize the Dock using the Apple menu or Dock menu
        3. Resize the icons and the whole Dock
      2. Customize the Finder
        1. Customize the General preferences
        2. Create labels for files and folders
        3. Choose what appears in your Finder window Sidebar
        4. Choose file extensions and turn off the Trash warning
      3. Customize the Inside of Finder Windows
        1. Customize the Icon View
        2. Customize the List View
        3. Organize the columns in List View
        4. Customize the Column View
        5. Customize the Desktop view
      4. Use System Preferences
        1. Don't forget the Help files!
        2. Find the right System Preferences for your task
      5. Know Your Security Options
        1. Passwords on your Mac
        2. If you forget this Admin password, you will need to reset it
        3. Password tips
        4. Low-level security features
        5. To lock your Mac with a click
        6. Higher-level security features
      6. Use Keychain Access for Protection
        1. To access any password Keychain has been storing for you
      7. Consider FileVault for Heavy-Duty Protection
        1. To turn on FileVault
        2. To set a Master password
      8. Protect Your Mac from Viruses
      9. What You've Learned
    2. Set Up Printing and Faxing
      1. Set Up Your Printers
        1. Choose which printers appear in the Print dialog box
      2. Access the Special Features of your Printer
        1. Buy ink cartridges for your printer
      3. Access the Special Features of your Software
      4. Having Trouble Printing?
      5. Share Your Printer with Other Macs
        1. To share a printer
        2. To print to a shared printer
      6. Fax From and To Your Mac
        1. Send a fax from your Mac
        2. Enter fax numbers in your Address Book
        3. To enter a fax number into your Address Book
        4. Receive a fax on your Mac
      7. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. Discover the Special Gems in Mac OS X Tiger
      1. Burn Folders in the Finder
        1. To create a burn folder, put files inside, and burn it
        2. To check the amount of storage space used in the folder
      2. New Features in Mail
        1. Customize the message window
        2. New Account Setup Assistant
        3. To edit your account or add another account
        4. Attachments
        5. To send an attachment
        6. To receive and download an attachment
        7. Downloads folder
        8. Signature improvements
        9. To create a signature
        10. To make a signature appear in a message
        11. Priority options
        12. To set a priority
        13. To check the priority of an incoming message
        14. Parental controls
        15. Purge individual messages from server
        16. Other relevant lessons for Mail
      3. Address Book Enhancements
        1. Share your Address Book contact list
        2. Subscribe to someone's Address Book
        3. Sync with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
        4. Other relevant lessons for Address Book
      4. TextEdit Grows Up
        1. Read Microsoft Word files
        2. Create lists that automatically number themselves
        3. Create tables
        4. To create a table in TextEdit
        5. Add breaks
        6. To add a break
        7. To delete a break
        8. Create live web links and email links
        9. To create a web link on a TextEdit page
        10. To create an email link on a TextEdit page
        11. Print automatic page numbers
        12. Search and replace with options
        13. To replace
        14. To simultaneously select (but not replace)
        15. Select non-contiguous text
        16. To select non-contiguous text
        17. Extra tips and notes
        18. Other relevant lessons for TextEdit
      5. New Preview Options
        1. Display facing pages or continuous pages
        2. Crop a photograph or other image
        3. To crop a photograph or other image
        4. Crop a PDF
        5. To crop a PDF
        6. To switch between displays of the full page or the cropped page
        7. Search a PDF
        8. To search a PDF
        9. Create bookmarks
        10. View a slideshow
        11. Annotate a PDF
        12. To create a text note on a PDF
        13. To draw a red oval annotation
        14. Copy text from a PDF to paste somewhere else
        15. To copy text
        16. Fill in PDF forms
        17. To fill in a form
        18. Make screenshots using Preview
        19. To make a screenshot
      6. Enhancements for iCal
        1. Groups of calendars
        2. Automatic Birthdays calendar
        3. Email notification
        4. Sort (organize) your information
        5. Change time zones
        6. Backup the entire calendar of information
        7. Search
        8. Print in a variety of ways
        9. Other relevant lessons for iCal
      7. More Options in Safari
        1. Private browsing
        2. Parental controls
        3. Email the contents of (or a link to) a web page
        4. View PDF documents
        5. Search your bookmarks
        6. Save a web page and all the graphics and links on it
        7. Other relevant lessons for Safari
      8. DVD Player Improvements
        1. Create bookmarks to find specific points in the video
        2. To create a bookmark
        3. Create your own clips with endpoints
        4. To make a video clip
        5. Make adjustments
        6. Create your own personal disc jacket on the screen
        7. Play a movie in the Dock
      9. Create PDF Files
      10. Grapher Takes Off
      11. What You've Learned
    4. Share One Mac with Multiple Users
      1. Overview of Multiple Users
        1. Limitations of other users
        2. More than one Admin
      2. Create New Users
        1. To create a new user
        2. Display login window as
      3. Log Out and Log In
      4. Switch Users with a Click
      5. Allow Other Users to be Admins
      6. Adjust User Settings
      7. Let Users Adjust their own Settings
      8. Set Up Login Items
      9. Share Files with Other Users
      10. Set Permissions for Shared Files
        1. To change permissions on a file or folder
      11. Apply Parental Controls
        1. Set limitations on certain applications
        2. To limit email, iChat, and Safari web browsing
        3. Limit the applications and activities
        4. To limit applications and activities
        5. Simple Finder
        6. To set up a user with Simple Finder
        7. Override the Simple Finder
      12. Delete a User
        1. To delete a user
      13. What You've Learned
    5. Get Connected—and Stay Connected
      1. How Your Mac Connects to the Internet
        1. Check the port configurations
        2. Establish a new connection
      2. Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection
        1. Talk to your ISP; check your cables
      3. Troubleshoot Your Mail Account
        1. Reminder: where to get the information
        2. Use the Mail Connection Doctor
      4. Share Files on a Network
        1. Simple networking
        2. Ethernet cables
        3. What else you need
        4. Peer-to-peer network
        5. Turn on Personal File Sharing
      5. Connect to Another Mac
        1. Connect as a Guest
        2. Create Favorite servers
      6. Bonjour—Share Files Locally
        1. Send a file to someone on the network
      7. Share Mac OS 9 Files with Mac OS X
      8. Disconnect
      9. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. Use Your .Mac Account to Stay in Sync
      1. The Benefits of a .Mac Account
        1. Cost of a .Mac membership
      2. Sync Multiple Computers through .Mac
        1. Two iSync access points
      3. Prepare to Sync
        1. Now sync another Mac to the first one
      4. Put the iSync Menu in the Menu Bar
      5. Registered Computers
        1. Sync with a Mac running an earlier version of OS X
      6. Reset Sync Data
      7. Resolve Conflicts between Macs
      8. Access Your Data Online
        1. Access and use your Safari bookmarks anywhere
      9. Sync with Other Devices
        1. Sync your iPod
        2. A few tips for other devices
      10. Turn Off All Syncing
      11. What You've Learned
  6. A New Way of Working on your Mac
    1. Find What You Want, Fast—with Spotlight
      1. The Many Faces of Spotlight
        1. 1. Spotlight menu
        2. 2. Spotlight window
        3. 3. Spotlight-powered search in the Finder, plus Smart Folders
        4. 4. Spotlight-powered search in many applications
      2. But Before You Begin
        1. Choose the categories for searching
        2. Create some privacy
        3. Keyboard shortcuts to open Spotlight
        4. Don't search just file names
        5. Expand the search with metadata
        6. Expand your repertoire of search terms
        7. Use keywords when necessary
      3. Spotlight Menu
        1. To open the Spotlight menu
        2. To use the Spotlight menu
        3. Keyboard shortcuts
      4. Spotlight Window
      5. Spotlight in the Finder
        1. Quick search in a Finder window
        2. Specific search in a Finder window
        3. Finder and Smart Folders
        4. To create a Smart Folder
      6. Spotlight in Other Applications
        1. Mail search
        2. Smart Mailboxes in Mail
        3. To create a Smart Mailbox from the Mailbox menu
        4. To create a Smart Mailbox from the Save button
        5. Address Book
        6. To search your Address Book for a contact
        7. To search for a person or business in Spotlight
        8. Smart Groups in Address Book
        9. To create a Smart Group
        10. System Preferences
        11. Automator
        12. Spotlight in text-based applications
        13. For instance, try this in Safari or TextEdit
        14. Open dialog box
        15. Save As dialog box
        16. Save As dialog box
      7. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. Dashboard—Important Information at your Fingertips
      1. Take a Look at Dashboard
      2. Discover Different Kinds of Widgets
      3. Activate Dashboard and the Widgets
      4. Add Widgets to Your Dashboard
      5. Remove Widgets from Your Dashboard
      6. Put Dashboard Away
      7. Work with Widgets
      8. Experiment with Your Widgets!
      9. Display More than One of a Widget
      10. Change the Keyboard Shortcut to Open Dashboard
      11. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. Multiple Audio and Video Messaging with iChat AV
      1. Audio Chat with up to Ten People
        1. With whom can you chat?
        2. Open an audio chat and invite others to join you
        3. Minimum requirements for audio conference
      2. Video Chat with up to Three Other People
        1. With whom can you video conference?
        2. Open a video chat and invite others to join you
        3. iChat AV preferences
        4. Requirements for 1-to-1 video chat
        5. Minimum requirements for 4-way video conference
      3. What You've Learned
    4. Keep Up on the Latest News with Safari RSS Feeds
      1. So What is RSS?
      2. View the Existing Feeds in Safari
        1. View the Collections Apple made for you
      3. Customize the Information Display
      4. Find Other Feeds
      5. Bookmark Your Favorite Feeds
      6. Auto-Click to View Feeds in Tabs
      7. Change the RSS Preferences
      8. Search RSS Feeds
        1. Search the RSS bookmarks
        2. Search the RSS articles and headlines
      9. Send an RSS Feed to a Friend
      10. Use RSS Feeds as a Screen Saver
      11. What You've Learned
    5. Automate Repetitive Tasks with Automator
      1. Overview of Automator
      2. Quick Start (for those who don't like to read all the directions)
      3. Actions are the Building Blocks
        1. Look at the types of actions available
      4. Workflows are the Finished Products
      5. Tips for Building Workflows
        1. Not all actions work together
        2. Change the order of actions
        3. Copy and paste an action in a workflow
        4. Delete an action from a workflow
        5. Collapse an action
        6. Disable (but not delete) an action
      6. Create a Simple Workflow in the Finder
      7. Create a Workflow that Uses Multiple Apps
      8. Create a Workflow that Uses the Internet
      9. Modify an Existing Workflow
      10. Troubleshoot a Workflow
      11. A Few Advanced Automator Techniques
        1. Run AppleScripts in your workflow
        2. Add a workflow to the Script menu
        3. Run shell scripts in your workflow
        4. Add a workflow as a folder action
        5. Combine workflows
      12. Search for an Action
      13. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. VoiceOver (and more) for Users with Challenges
      1. Overview of VoiceOver
        1. When installing Tiger, take the VoiceOver tour
        2. Turn VoiceOver on or off
        3. Make a laptop easier to use
        4. VoiceOver Commands
      2. Learn the Keys on the Keyboard
      3. Pause and Resume Speaking
      4. VoiceOver Cursor
      5. Keyboard Focus
      6. Navigating in VoiceOver
        1. Use the Dock
        2. VoiceOver menu
        3. Caption Panel
        4. Link List menu
        5. Item Chooser menu
        6. Use the standard Mac keyboard shortcuts
        7. Turn on VoiceOver at login
      7. Customize Your Access with the VoiceOver Utility
      8. And That's Not All...
        1. Take advantage of the View Options
        2. Universal Access preferences: Enhance the display contrast
        3. Universal Access preferences: Zoom in on the screen
        4. Universal Access preferences: Make hearing adjustments
        5. Universal Access preferences: Adjust the keyboard
        6. Universal Access preferences: Skip the mouse
        7. Speech preferences: Tell your Mac what to do
        8. Keyboard & Mouse preferences: Adjust the response
        9. Keyboard & Mouse preferences: Control the keyboard shortcuts
        10. And there's more!
      9. What You've Learned
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. The End Matters
    1. Glossary
    2. Symbols
    3. Colophon!