Share Mac OS 9 Files with Mac OS X

If your old Mac is running System 7.1 through 9.2, you can still connect it to your new one and transfer the files. Connect the two Macs per one of the suggestions on pages 268269. Do the following four steps on the Mac running OS 9 (or earlier), then connect as usual from your OS X machine.

Set up File Sharing in Mac OS 9 or earlier:
a. From the Apple menu, choose “Control Panels,” then “File Sharing.”
(In Systems 7 through 8.1, choose the “Sharing Setup” control panel.)
b. In the first three fields, enter your name, password, and a computer name so you'll recognize this Mac. If the password is already filled in and you don't know what it is, replace it by typing a new one (very secure, huh?).
c. Write down ...

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