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Shooting for eBay: Creating Simple and Effective Product Shots for Online Auctions and Sales

Book Description

In Shooting for eBay, author and photographer Alan Hess demonstrates how to take great product shots so you can sell your items on sites like eBay, Etsy, or elsewhere. Starting with the basics, Alan discuses cleaning and prepping your items and maintaining honesty throughout all of your customer interactions. He then covers the equipment and preparation involved in capturing high-quality images, including which camera and lens to use and how to get your lighting and backgrounds just right. Finally, Alan walks you through several product shots, from small to large items and everything in between, so you can get the best photos of the products you want to sell.

Follow along with Alan, and you will learn how to:

  • Use the correct metering and exposure modes to capture your shots

  • Photograph all sorts of items, from small items like jewelry, to medium-sized objects that require bigger backdrops and more light, to large items like a rocking chair or guitar

  • Increase interest and appeal of your shot by bringing the environment into the picture, especially for outdoor gear

  • Edit your images for the Web by selecting the proper format, size, and resolution, and cropping your images to add impact