Modifying Library Items

Library items can be edited, renamed, and deleted. When an original library item changes, you can update any instances of the item within the current document or across the entire site. To update the library items in the current document, use Modify Library Update Current Page; to update the library items in the entire site, use Modify Library Update Pages (these options work in Design view but not Code view). Dreamweaver uses the Update Pages dialog box, as seen in Figure 9-4, when updating pages sitewide.

The Update Pages dialog box

Figure 9-4. The Update Pages dialog box

Editing Library Items

Library items are stored in .lbi files in the Library folder within the site’s root folder. These files contain plain text and can be edited like any typical HTML document. To edit a library item, double-click its name in the Library panel, or select it and then click the Open button in the Property inspector (see Figure 9-3). Either gesture opens the Library item as a separate HTML window, as shown in Figure 9-5 (note the words <<Library Item>> in the Document window’s title bar).

Editing a library item as an HTML document

Figure 9-5. Editing a library item as an HTML document

You can modify the Library item in the same way as any other HTML document, provided you don’t add any head content, such as CSS styles or behaviors. Doing so ...

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