CSS Styles Panel

Now that we’ve covered how and where to define styles, we can get down to the business of using them. The CSS Styles panel, shown in Figure 10-15, allows you to create new styles, apply existing styles, or attach new stylesheets. Open the CSS Styles panel using Window CSS Styles, Shift+F11, or the CSS Styles icon in the Launcher bar.

The CSS Styles panel

Figure 10-15. The CSS Styles panel

The CSS Styles panel shows styles from both embedded and external stylesheets (it shows the names of the styles themselves, not the names of the stylesheets). It shows only class selector styles (those that start with a period). Type selectors (those that redefine HTML tags), pseudo-class selectors (such as a:link), and ID selectors (those starting with #) appear in the Edit Style Sheet dialog box instead.

The options available within the CSS Styles panel include:

Auto Apply checkbox

Applies the style you click on in the CSS Styles panel to the currently selected element in your document. If this checkbox is unchecked, you must click the Apply button manually to apply a style, which can be tedious.

Apply button

Applies the currently selected style to the selected element in your document.

Attach Style Sheet

Attaches an external stylesheet to the current document making the styles it contains available within the current document.

New Style

Creates a new style that can be stored in either an external stylesheet ...

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