Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

You can modify Dreamweaver keyboard shortcuts by editing the menus.xml file, but it is easier to assign shortcuts via the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. Keyboard shortcuts are summarized in Appendix A. Some shortcuts may not work on some computers, particularly laptops, which intercept some function keys. If a shortcut does not work on the Macintosh, turn off the Hot Function Key option in the Keyboard Control Panel.

The Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog Box

Use the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts command to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box shown in Figure 19-1.

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box

Figure 19-1. The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box

This dialog box includes options to customize and manage keyboard shortcut sets (i.e., a collection of keyboard shortcuts):

Current Set

Choose from one of the factory sets—BBEdit, Dreamweaver 3, or HomeSite—that emulate the keyboard shortcuts of other programs, or select Macromedia Standard (the default DW4 shortcuts). Custom sets that you define also appear in this pop-up list.


After selecting a custom set from the Current Set pop-up list, select which menu bar to modify from the Commands pop-up list. The available options differ slightly between Windows and the Macintosh.

Menu Commands

Dreamweaver’s main menu bar commands (positioned at the top of the Macintosh monitor or appearing in the Document window under Windows).

Site Menu Commands (Windows only) ...

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