Configuring Interactions

CourseBuilder interactions are designed speed courseware development, but you must configure each interaction for your unique needs. If you select one of the Multiple Choice interactions, for example, you must specify a question and possible answers. Customize each interaction’s options using the tabs at the bottom of the CourseBuilder Interaction dialog box (these tabs differ depending on the class of interaction selected from the Gallery tab). For example, the General tab of the MultCh_ImageChkboxes01 interaction, shown in Figure 23-10, lets you configure the Multiple Choice object.

General tab for Multiple Choice interactions

Figure 23-10. General tab for Multiple Choice interactions

The General tab is present for all interactions, and the contents of the tab are highly similar for each class of interaction. The top of the General tab includes the interaction’s name and some interaction-specific configuration options. For multiple choice questions, for example, specify the text of the question to ask.

The lower portion of the General tab includes options that determine when the interaction is judged, what constitutes a correct answer, whether to send the results to a Knowledge Track system, how many attempts (tries) to allow the user, the time limit, whether to provide a reset button, and whether to place the interaction’s contents within a layer (the last option is also available in the Property inspector). ...

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