Remote Users Access Verification
The paper proposed a method for verification which can ensure the operation of internet of
things access point and provide verification for the HTTP command exchange and the UPnP
scan of devices.
While working with the UPnP verification, you can use Intel’s tool which is designed by
UPnP developers, known as the Intel Software for UPnP Technology. What this tool does is
that carries the Device Snier that can track the packet delivery of the UPnP devices. More-
over, it contains Device Spy which can help to detect the existing devices running on the UPnP
Furthermore, there is a renderer, server, and controller that power these applications to run
on a Windows OS. This chapter will focus on smartphones, computer, desktop computers, and
notebooks to establish a connection with the specified IoT AP via Wi-Fi and making use of the
Device Spy to verify the broadcasting of the ZigBee devices via the UPnP.
Afterwards, the chapter provides the verification of the command exchange which was
using HTTP. This can be a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome which
can take input and use them to send commands. In case, a command is processed then results
include the IEEE address, device name, network address, and device types are showed on the
Performance Evaluation
In order to verify the performance and reliability of the proposed internet of things access point,
emphasis is required on the response time from ZigBee. The response time is the time required
for the internet of things access point to send a command to the ZigBee devices and get back the
command from the relevant ZigBee device. Consider the following table.
Parameter Value
Wireless Protocol IEEE 802.11n; IEEE 802.15.4
Flash Memory 64 MB
Network Protocol TCP
Simulation rep 200
SoC Chip 384 MHz MIPS24Ke
Channel Variation Wi-Fi: CH1–CH14; ZigBee: CH11–CH26
Band Variation Wi-Fi: 2.412–2.484 GHz; ZigBee: 2.405–2.480 GHz
In this table, parameters are listed which are used for the verification of the existing Wi-Fi
network and ZigBee network. A Java verification program is used to verify this response time,
while the TCP method is used to send and receive all the commands to make sure that the
commands reach the right destination.
In this figure, the variation between bands is represented for dierent throughputs of
Wi-Fi (0 KBps, 2000 KBps, and 4000 KBps) along with the response time for ZigBee. The ZigBee
testing channel is modified and the Wi-Fi channel is set to CH1 (2.412) GHz. The vertical axis is
used to represent the response time of the ZigBee whereas the variation in bands between the
Wi-Fi and ZigBee is represented by the horizontal axis. According to the above figure, if the
Chapter 7 IoT Implementation Strategies 191
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response time of the ZigBee is 21 ms then the variation of bands between the Wi-Fi and ZigBee
are not aected much when the throughputs of Wi-Fi are 0 KBps and 2000 KBps.
However, when the throughput reaches 4000 KBps, the ZigBee bands grow near to the
Wi-Fi band, providing more response time. When the Wi-Fi packets are increased, the number
and probability of collision with ZigBee become higher. Hence, for such cases, it is necessary to
resend the packets to boost the response time of ZigBee. Still, the commands are reliably sent
for ZigBee devices, making the average response time less than 45 ms.
0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000
Wi-Fi Throughput (KB/s)
ZigBee Response Time (ms)
ZigBee/WiFi Band Variation (GHz)
0 KB/s
2000 KB/s
4000 KB/s
In the above figure, the ZigBee response time is disrupted by many Wi-Fi throughputs
which aect dierent channels. The CH1 (2.412 GHz) is used to fix the Wi-Fi channel while the
throughput is adjusted for testing. The vertical axis is used to represent the response time of
ZigBee. The horizontal axis is used to represent the varied Wi-Fi throughputs.
When the throughput of Wi-Fi remains from 0 KB to 3000 KBps, only negligible impact
occurs on the response time of ZigBee, less than 22 ms. After the throughput is more than
192 Internet of Things
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